Worship At St. Mark’s


The worship at St. Mark’s connects us with Christians around the globe as we hear and reflect on God’s Word and celebrate the Sacraments using a variety of worship services found in The Book of Common Prayer.

Our worship involves all the senses: we hear God’s Word and sacred music; we see classic brick and wood architecture and the different colors of each season of the church; we smell the fragrance of holy oil on the forehead of the newly baptized or the sick; we feel our bodies move as we kneel, stand, sit, or greet one another during worship; we taste bread and wine as we gather around the Lord’s Table for Holy Communion.

For many, especially those from a Roman Catholic, Lutheran, or Orthodox background, our worship will feel very comfortable and familiar, following ancient patterns of listening to God’s Word and sharing the Sacraments. For others, these ancient patterns will seem very strange and unfamiliar and likely raise questions about what we say, or wear, or do during worship.

All Christians who are baptized in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are welcome to receive Holy Communion at St. Mark’s.

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