Children’s Education

A professionally staffed nursery is available from 8:30 until noon on Sunday and for special events throughout the year. All personal, whether on staff or volunteer, have completed the “Safe Child” curriculum provided by the Diocese of Texas. Sunday School begins at 9:00 on Sunday and children are welcomed in our services. But, that is only the beginning! Throughout the year special events are planned for kids and their families. Some exaimagemples are:

La Posada – Kid’s Night Out
Annual Eater Egg Hunt under the Oaks Backyard – Bible School
Movie Madness – VBS – Latitude 45

We are a multigenerational church. Families and their extended families all have a part in teaching and raising up children to be all God intends them to be. We all have a part to play. Every member of St. Mark’s has something to share; a Fruit of the Spirit that matures and ripens from childhood to old age. It begins here!