Core Values, Mission, & Vision


Mission Statement

St. Mark’s Church affirms our love of Christ through worship, education and service.

Core Values

Giving all to the Glory of God, St. Mark’s affirms and values:


Our worship of the Trinity is expressed in the Word and Sacraments according to the Bible and the Book of Common Prayer. It is enhanced by traditional architecture and sacred liturgical music: ancient and modern.


We sponsor multiple ministries for those in spiritual, emotional or physical need, whether on the margins of life in our downtown or others in the wider Beaumont community.


Christian Education at St. Mark’s enables our children to find joy in spiritual
growth, our youth to find relevance in the Gospel message and adults to engage the life of the mind which feeds the spirit.


We strive to be faithful stewards of our time, talent and treasure for the ultimate glory of God, the growth of His Kingdom and as an example to others.


We are a community of believers whose relationship with each other is centered on our common faith in God and His Son. We provide a Christian refuge and pastoral care for all who wish to share this fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

Vision Statement 2014

In support of our core values and to accomplish our mission, St. Mark’s Church proclaims its vision as a community which will:

  • Promote and develop the downtown community and communication; making St. Mark’s known as a visible oasis of peace, an avenue for greater community events and a relationship with downtown Beaumont.
  • Within 18 months enhance St. Mark’s fellowship and hospitality both on and off campus.
  • A plan to increase by 100% participation by families, in Sunday School, youth and church programs in 12-18 months.
  • To encourage our members to participate in stewardship through their time, talent and treasure.