Become A Member


How Does One Affiliate with The Episcopal Church?

Through Baptism and Confirmation or Reception a person can become a member of the Episcopal Church.

  1. The Episcopal Church recognizes the baptism of all other Christian churches.
  2. Confirmation (Inquirer’s) Classes: Classes are held each spring and fall and are open to all who wish to be confirmed or received, or those who would like to take a refresher course or those who would simply like to learn more about the Episcopal Church.
  3. Reception refers to those previously confirmed in the Roman Catholic Church. Evangelical Lutheran Church of America or any of the Greek or Eastern Orthodox Churches.

Transfer of Membership

Anyone can transfer membership from another Episcopal Church to St. Mark’s Episcopal Church by calling the office at: 409-832-3405.

Who May Receive Communion In the Episcopal Church?

All baptized Christians are welcome to receive the Sacrament of the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is the Lord’s Table, not ours. If you are or have ever been welcome at the Lord’s Table anywhere you are welcome here with us.

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