The St. Francis Fund for St. Mark’s, Beaumont


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the St. Francis Fund

What is the purpose of the St. Francis Fund? The purpose of the St. Francis Fund is to raise money for much needed maintenance and repair projects at St. Mark’s.

What are these projects? The first project is to replace the aging roof over the kitchen and classrooms. The second project is to replace a 30 year old air conditioning unit on the first floor of the main building that supports Room 104, Paul Howell’s office, Fr. Calcote’s office, and the Cloister Room. The next projects will replace three air conditioning units that support the Gilbert Building.

What are the costs of these projects?

Replacing Roof                                   $70,000
Replacing First Floor AC                   $35,000
Replacing 3 Gilbert Bldg. AC            $65,000
Total                                                   $170,000 

Are these the best prices available for the air conditioning units? Our project manager, Gerald Condon, and our Junior Warden, Shea Kent, have arranged to purchase the replacement units directly from the manufacturer and use trusted, local contractors for the labor in order to eliminate the middle man and reduce our overall costs.

When will the first project (roof replacement) begin? Each project will begin when we have the funds in hand for that particular project. The roof replacement will begin when we $70,000 and we hope to complete the roof project by the beginning of hurricane season.

What if we raise more money than necessary for these projects? All contributions to the St. Francis Fund are designated for maintenance and repair projects at St. Mark’s. Additional funds will allow us to address other maintenance and repair concerns in the future.

Should I discontinue my pledged contributions to the operating fund in order to support the St. Francis Fund? Please continue your generous contributions toward our operating fund so that day to day operations, outreach, and maintenance continues without interruption. Contributions to the St. Francis Fund are intended to be financial gifts in addition to your regular giving toward the operating fund.

What is the minimum contribution to the St. Francis Fund? No contribution is too large or too small. Contributions of ALL amounts will help us tackle the pressing maintenance.

How can I make a contribution to the St. Francis Fund? You can make a check payable to St. Mark’s and memo the check “St. Francis Fund.” You can also make a contribution through your online banking software.

Why is the fund named for St. Francis? St. Francis of Assisi heard and heeded the Lord’s call to rebuild – both literally and spiritually – the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ. In our day, the Lord calls us to take significant maintenance work on the physical plant of our beloved St. Mark’s.

Besides giving, what else can I do to support the St. Francis Fund? Please pray that the people of St. Mark’s will bear the spiritual fruit of generosity as we work to follow St. Francis’ example and rebuild St. Mark’s.

Will you join the effort to rebuild St. Mark’s, Beaumont? Please click here.

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