Rector Profile

We are a community of enthusiastic Episcopalians seeking an energetic, self motivated leader. We pray for a new leader who will be vibrant and creative in helping us chart a future of growth while fulfilling our mission and outreach programs. Our new rector will have the support of an engaged congregation that averages approximately 235 parishioners during Sunday services. St. Marks parish rolls total about 750 souls who need pastoral care and guidance to engage those who have chosen other avenues of worship than Sunday morning services. While we are traditional in nature, we have a diverse group of parishioners. Our foundation of a downtown presence coupled with the right leadership has real potential for growth.

Ideally, St. Mark’s new rector will posses moral clarity of character, be stable in beliefs and faith practices. He or she will manifest a goodness of life and wisdom of teaching with a heart and desire for pastoral care. We are seeking a spirited and compassionate leader, with the vision and energy to not only nurture our congregation, but also grow our church. Our preferred candidate will have demonstrated professional experience, pastoral or otherwise, with exhibited leadership skills. Our new rector will be responsible for a large budget and challenging times. The St. Mark’s rector also serves on the board of All Saints Episcopal School. We pray that we may receive a faithful pastor who will care for God’s people and equip us for our ministry.