Confirmation is more than just a rite of passage. It is more than something you just do when you are twelve or thirteen. It is a commitment to last a lifetime. It is a sacrament. At St. Mark’s confirmations classes are comprehensive and last nine months to enable a child to fully comprehend the step they are about to take. The classes have a detailed study of the basic tenets of faith. This includes a tour through the Book of Common Prayer, the creeds and daily readings. Service hours are also a part of the course, so as to prepare the Confirmands for their new role in the St. Mark’s church community. Confirmation is the opportunity for these individuals to affirm the baptismal vows taken for them by their parents and godparents when they were too young to speak for themselves. Confirmation classes are an important part of that. Parents, sponsors and teachers are dedicated to guiding them along the way. It is an opportunity to grow in faith and understanding of God and His Church and is the basis for a lifelong commitment to both.