Following our hospital levels and the website regarding Jefferson County has shown a steady and significant decline in COVID cases in our county. If you are not readily familiar with the CDC website, it categorizes the community spread in counties in four levels: blue (low), yellow (moderate), orange (substantial), and red (high).

Because of where we are right now, beginning this Sunday, November 7, masks will be optional inside for anyone that is vaccinated. Following the CDC guidelines as well, masks are still expected for those that are unvaccinated. Our social distancing protocols have been relaxed as well. As long as our county remains in the moderate to low levels, we will proceed in this way.

As our parish moves forward, please continue to do what is best and safest for you and your family. We will continue to livestream our 10 AM service. If you wish to wear a mask, please do so. We will continue to provide masks for anyone who did not bring one but wishes to have one. Thank you to everyone as we walk together during this time.

Fr. James Pevehouse