We are in another spike in COVID numbers in Beaumont and Jefferson County. While many have received a vaccination, there are still many who have not and many who are not yet able to receive one (our children). It is here that we must ask what we should do to serve those around us—especially our most vulnerable. The hospitalization rate is so high in our area and throughout the state that healthcare workers and facilities are completely taxed. What would be considered more basic medical procedures are having to be put off because there is no room in local hospitals or even to transfer to other places in Texas.

In order to continue gathering for common worship and service at St. Mark’s, I ask the following from all of us: 

1. Social distancing will still be followed in the nave and throughout St. Mark’s campus.

2. Masks will be required for all (regardless of vaccination status) ages 3 and up at any gathering inside St. Mark’s campus. 

Masks will be available for those needing one.

It is my belief and hope that these are temporary measures to undertake. The metric we will be following is our hospital/health care capacity. When our health care facilities and health care workers regain the capacity to regularly treat those in need, beyond those suffering from COVID, we will revisit our current health protocols at St. Mark’s.

Fr. James Pevehouse