We’ve turned the corner from the joy and light of Epiphany to the darker and more contemplative season of Lent. We often expect to only hear mournful and “minor” sounding hymns, anthems, and organ music during this season of penitence and preparation. Yes, there will be an adequate amount of that, but I would challenge you to listen for more in our liturgies.

Lenten music offers exquisite beauty, haunting harmonies, and texts that transport and transform us. It is one of my favorite seasons for which to plan; there’s such a vast array of choices!

I’m struck by what the editors at LiturgyandMusic.com state so eloquently.

“Lent was never intended to be sad, mournful and gloomy… I sometimes wonder if getting stuck in that kind of Lent allows [us] to avoid its real calling: introspection and renewal. Even for those of us who have been Christians for a long time, the forty days of Lent invite us to take time regularly to examine our lives, to recommit ourselves to prayer, to listen to God’s call in our lives. The season calls upon us to look at our deepest selves and to offer that part of ourselves to God. This spiritual journey has led artists to create works of surpassing beauty.”

May God, through music, lead you to a deeper and more faithful relationship with him and with one another.

Jordan Williams

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