Dear St. Mark’s Members and Friends,

I am pleased to announce that I have called and Bishop Doyle has appointed, with the support of the vestry, the Reverend Doctor Justin David Briggle, to serve as our Curate (full time assistant to the rector) in conjunction with Diocese of Texas’ Curacy Program. A recently ordained transitional deacon in the diocese, Deacon Briggle recently earned his Master of Divinity from the University of the South, Sewanee. God willing and the people consenting, he will be ordained a priest at St. Mark’s this coming December or January.

Deacon Briggle earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Education from the University of Texas, Austin, and served on the faculty of East Texas Baptist University, Marshall, before entering seminary from the Diocese of Texas. Deacon Briggle and his wife, Dawn, have two young children, Marcus and Oliver, and they will move to Beaumont sometime in late July for an August 1st start date at St. Mark’s.

Deacon Briggle will serve with us for at least two years and will enjoy a full-spectrum parish ministry experience – preaching, teaching, presiding at various worship services, pastoral care, program oversight, counseling, wedding and funerals – during that time in conjunction with the Curacy Program. The diocese will underwrite approximately half of his compensation package (stipend, housing, and pension payments) during this two year curacy. While he will gain a full-spectrum parish ministry experience at St. Mark’s, his primary ministry portfolio
and responsibilities will include oversight of ministry with youth and families.

The opportunity to call Deacon Briggle was a much unexpected blessing and presented itself only within the last month and the diocese, your vestry and I moved quickly to seize the opportunity. Father Calcote and Father Crocker will continue to serve in their roles at St. Mark’s and provide valuable wisdom and experience to Deacon Briggle in his formation. From a financial perspective, the Vestry will shift 2016 budgeted operating funds for a part time youth minister to compensation for Deacon Briggle. If 2017 financial commitments and pledges fund it, I would very much support calling a part time youth minister in 2017.

I am certain you have many questions about Deacon Briggle and his new role at St. Mark’s and I am happy to answer any and all. Please contact me at [email protected] or 409-832-3405 with any questions.

I am grateful to serve as your rector and I look forward expanding our ministry at St. Mark’s and in greater Beaumont with the call of Deacon Briggle.

Warmest regards,

Anthony P. ‘Tony’ Clark