A couple of months have gone by since my last update about the Rector Search Process. In that time your Search Committee has worked very hard on researching some potential candidates (some sent by the Diocese of Texas, some nominated by members of St. Mark’s). As I write this we have contacted two of those candidates to do initial interviews. So we are making slow but steady progress.

Some of the topics that we will discuss with these candidates (as well as the candidates that we will interview down the road) include theology, worship style, management style, stewardship, education, and others. It’s an intensive process that has one goal in mind:  to find the person that is the right fit for our congregation here at St. Marks. It is a process that takes into account our history, our culture, our values, and our future.

As we move forward please feel free to ask me any questions about the process, the topics that will be brought up in interviews, and anything else related to the search. Please keep the Search Committee in your prayers that we might be guided to find the best rector for St. Marks.

Charles Teel, Search Committee Chairman